About Us

 About us:

Whisktaker is a startup based in Beirut. Our goal is to bring healthy food to an exceptional level of quality and delicacy. Our recipes are developed by a food lover who grew up enjoying indulgent home-cooked meals to a recipe developer who strives to stand out in every aspect to reach every house, mother, youngster, worker and anyone who wants to up level their cooking game.

Our products are health mindful. They’re low in calories, packed with nature’s goodness and absolutely nasties free. Offering you irresistibly healthy products made for everyone to easily enjoy!

Whisktaker - company values


Why do we do it?

1- To provide flavorful vegan, dairy free and healthy food that’s created for everyone to enjoy.
2- To reduce cooking time and hassle for busy individuals.
3- To offer a wide variety of eastern and western flavors under the same brand.